Celestial Stick People: a Tarot deck by Brian Crick


A large quill.A person holding two quills while balancing on an upside-down chair.Two heartbroken figures walking away from each other.A relaxed person immersed in a large drink glass with an unbrella in it.A couple of people rebuilding a damaged building.A person staring out of an airplane window.A thief, stealing quills from a sleeping person.A person in a hanging cage.A person surrounded by large quills, cowering.A person lying on a tomb.A child reading a book.A person riding in a sports car.A radio talk show host.A politician at a desk, signing a paper.

Ace of Quills

The Quills are a suit of duality, the mind, and air. The ace represents a beginning, the untold power in the pen before it touches the paper. It could compose sonnets or sign death warrants; it is all in the choice of the writer.