Celestial Stick People: a Tarot deck by Brian Crick


A large brush.An executive looking out of the window of a skyscraper, at the city below.A person riding on a flying brush.Three people on stage, taking a bow.A couple of people fighting with large brushes.A parade, with a person on a float waving at a crowd in a nearby building.Some people defending themselves against an onslaight of brushes.A person ascending on rocketlike brushes.A person standing watch in a fort made of brushes.A bored person pushing a dolly full of brushes.A small child painting.A person packing a painting into an old pick up truck.A dancer, jumping into the air.A movie director, with stage lights behind him.

Ace of Brushes

The Brushes are the suit of creativity, health and fire. The ace represents that first explosion of creativity at the start of something new. It is excitement and creative force. Like wildfire, this creative energy can be unruly and unexpected, but it is always powerful.