Celestial Stick People: a Tarot deck by Brian Crick


A large diamond.A person struggling to hold onto two diamonds on opposite ends of a chasm.A couple of people erecting an obelisk.A person in a large safe, holding onto some diamonds.Two people sitting under a bridge.A person giving a beggar a coin.A content, relaxed person gazing at a growing plant.A person working at an anvil.A person looking satisfied with a growing plant.A person happily wallowing in a giant pile of money.A child surounded by wooden blocks.A person leaning on a stylish luxury car, tossing a diamond into the air.A person shopping, in front of a display case.A woman sitting behind a large desk with a stack of diamonds on it.

Ace of Diamonds

The ace of diamonds is a harbinger of wealth, all manner of physical riches and abundance. As with other aces, there are no caveats here, no strings; though the wealth described could be abstract — having uncommonly good luck or receiving excellent guidance.