Celestial Stick People: a Tarot deck by Brian Crick


A large heart.A bride and groom.Three people at a party, waving glasses in the air.A person surrounded by hearts, looking longingly at another one on a tall pedestal.A person staring at some rotten fruit.A couple of children playing on a see-saw.A person asleep in bed, dreaming.A graduation ceremony, with students throwing their mortar boards into the air.An elated woman with streamers falling around her.A house with smoke billowing of of its chimney.A small child being carried into the clouds by a balloon.A woman riding in a minivan, driving while looking out of the window.A person holding freshly baked snacks.A person dancing on a stange.

Ace of Hearts

The ace of hearts is an overwhelming surge of emotion. Powerful feelings abound — love in particular. A relationship or other opportunity for happiness may be on the way, and this card may be a suggestion to be more open to such a possibility. Let your heart be your guide.