Celestial Stick People: a Tarot deck by Brian Crick


A person with a backpack looking up at the sky, about to walk off of a cliff.A man in flowing robes holding a glowing staff.A confident woman with light swirling around her.A woman wearing a crown and an elaborate dress.A man wearing a crown and elaborate robes.A person wearing a miter, standing in front of a stained glass windowTwo figures on opposite sides of a chasm, holding hands and kissing.A spaceship lifting off.A gazelle, looking tall and poised.A man seen from far away, holding a lantern and looking out of a small window.A giant roulette wheel, with two figures struggling to hang on to it.A man wearing black robes, standing in front of a courthouse.A man hanging upside down from monkey bars.A tombstone with small people sprouting out of it, like flowers.A person sitting cross-legged next to a river, wearing yellow robes.A dragon, partially invisibleA skyscraper with a person falling off of it.A person surrounded by clouds, looking up at some bright stars.A winged person flying past the moon.The sun, bright and welcoming.A person being prodded with a giant ruler, magnifying glass, and calipers.An astronaut on the moon, looking back at the Earth.

The Fool

The Fool is starting a long journey. It could be a new job, a new school, or a new relationship. He's excited and optimistic, but he is paying too little attention to the details of the path he is taking. If he does not start approaching things from a more practical point of view, he is likely to get into trouble.